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Living Trust & Wills

A Living Trust is a vital component of an estate plan, and part of estate planning documents prepared for you while you are alive.

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Divorce Process

Navigating through the divorce process in California can be intimidating and difficult to understand when trying to interpret court procedures, rules, forms, and going to court.

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Child Support Services Agency

There are 49 child support agencies across California that establish and enforce child support and medical support orders.

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Child Support

The Attorneys at ABA LAW GROUP have close to 38 years of combined experience in handling legal cases.

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The Probate process can be challenging if a person is not familiar with the procedural requirements.

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An asset (property) is anything you own or may have a right to own at some future date (for example, if you are in someone’s will).

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Spousal Support

The Attorneys here at ABA LAW GROUP have close to 38 years of combined experience in handling legal cases.

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Landlord/ Tenant - Evictions

The eviction process in California can be confusing. There are many detailed rules and procedures that are part of the eviction process that must be followed to the letter.

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Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that can protect you from being physically abuses, threatened, stalked or harassed.

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When considering the subject of revocable living trusts, it is important to understand which will take precedence in the event that property is left both in a Last Will and Testament and a revocable living trust.

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Paternity Proceedings

Establish paternity is the process to determine who the father of the child may be. Establishing paternity is usually required before a child support order can be imposed.

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