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– Kurt Zimmerman | SBN #180732

Kurt Zimmerman is an experienced trial attorney, whose practice focuses on land use, business/civil litigation, family law litigation, & bankruptcy litigation. Earlier in his legal career, Kurt served as:

Stanford University, BA 1985
Stanford University, MA 1987
UCLA School of Law, 1990

Trial Attorney – United States Department of Justice
Environmental / Civil Litigation
Trial Attorney – United States Attorneys Office
Land Use / Environmental, & Civil Litigation
Natural Resources Attorney with NOAA.
Land Use & Civil Litigation

– Christopher Reyes | SBN #276570

Christopher Reyes is also an experienced attorney, whose practice focuses on family, real estate, & bankruptcy cases. Chris has worked with AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) employment law.
University of West Los Angeles School of Law

Upon request, ABA Law is available late evenings, holidays & weekends.

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Trust & Wills

When considering the subject of revocable living trusts, it is important to understand which will take precedence in the event that property is left both in a Last Will and Testament and a revocable living trust.


Navigating through the divorce process in California can be intimidating and difficult to understand when trying to interpret court procedures, rules, forms, and going to court.

Child Support

It’s well established that both parents’ have an obligation to support their minor children “in the manner suitable to the child’s circumstances.

Commercial/Residential Evictions

The eviction process in California can be confusing. There are many detailed rules and procedures that are part of the eviction process that must be followed to the letter.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly know as a liquidating brankruptcy, personal bankruptcy or just plain “bankruptcy”. An asset (property) is anything you own or may have a right to own at some future date (for example, if you are in someone’s will).

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that can protect you from being physically abuses, threatened, stalked or harassed. In many cases, there are no court fees to get a restraining order.

Paternity Proceedings

Establish paternity is the process to determine who the father of the child may be. Establishing paternity is usually required before a child support order can be imposed.


The Probate process can be challenging if a person is not familiar with the procedural requirements. Probate is the legal process that is followed to prove the validity of a Will, in essence to ensure no fraud in the construction of the document.


Navigating through the legal Immigration process can be both difficult and frustrating. With so many directions to choose from, reaching your immigration goal can be difficult to say the least.

Other Family Attorney Services

ABA Law Family Group also handles Adoption, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Name Change, Department of Child Support Service, Martial Settlement Agreements, and other family related services

Spousal Support

During a divorce proceeding, the court may award spousal support to one of the spouses. This award may be done in one of two ways. Either by agreement between the both parties or by a court decision.

Other Legal Services

ABA Law Family Group also handles contract preperation/review, Deed preperation/Corrections, PCOR Preperation, Lease Preperation, Civil Motion Preperation, DUI Defense, and other legal services


I'm very pleased with attorney Christopher Reyes
He's handled a very complex Bankruptcy and got my discharge, despite threats to Litigate my case. He's just finished a real estate case dealing with title issues that went to trial. He's always makes the effort to see me on evenings and weekends. He has always been honest and fair and really takes the time to explain what is going on with my case. I had to do a review to let everyone know how happy I have been with him. I recommend Christopher Reyes very highly.
Albert Grigoryan
I have used this attorney for over 3 years now and he has been Absolutely Amazing
He is a sincere person and I have used him 3 times so far for contract problems, an eviction and a civil lawsuit. He gave me good personal service and I feel very confident with him in court because I see he knows what he is doing. He is very pleasant person to work with and he takes his time with me to explain things so I understand what is going on with my case. Chris doesn't charge me for every little thing and that I like. He has always been very honest with me. I referred him to my cousin to help him with a restraining order against him that did not go through and my cousin was also very happy with him.
Massis Danielian
I had a difficult divorce because I have an unreasonable husband.
I was married for 20 yrs and I make over twice what he makes, so my husband was trying to take everything from me because I was divorcing him. This attorney agreed to meet with me after I got off from work at 10p.m. He didn't charge me for my consultation and he explained everything to me clearly. He did not charge me for the additional work he did on my case. He was very fair with me. I especially like how firm, yet respectful, he was with my husband when my husband tried to give him a hard time. Beyond professional. He sealed my divorce with a settlement in which I was very happy with. Overall, this attorney was very fair and honest with me. He was fair with his pricing and was available late nights and weekends. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Amazing customer service!
Anika Garcia
I was having some serious tenant problems
I found the ABA Law Group by chance while driving on Foothill Blvd close to my home, Chris the Attorney happened to be there as I walked in, he spend some brief time with me to discuss my issues for no charge and set up a consultation for the next day. He then prepared all the proper notices to my tenants and educated me on the correct procedures on how to deal with my tenant issues for a very little charge. Chris is a friendly attorney and very knowledgeable, I've been in his office in and out now for several times to ask him additional questions and advice on other concerns I was having, and he never charged me a single dime for this time, other attorney's would nickel and dime you to death every time you talk to them. Chris so far has left a very good impression and I will continue using him.
Roy Goldmann
I'm a teacher for Pasadena School District where I teach Pre-K
I was going through a horrible divorce my wife filed to get custody out 2 kids, she made false allegations of child & spouse abuse against me in a Restraining Order she filed. She tried to kick me out of the house and tried to get me to pay her attorney fees. I hired attorney Christopher Reyes, who knew we were in a full blown nasty fight. This guy really saved me. He came out swinging hard and essentially destroyed their case. He proved the allegations were false, causing the restraining order to be dismissed, and found my wife's secret business and money. When Chris was done, she didn't receive anything, and the judge in Dept L in Pasadena gave her 3 months to move out. Turned out she made more money than I did. Chris then prepared a settlement agreement and concluded my case. I'm so thankful he was there with me. He's a bulldog. No problems ever since. He's a great guy and I highly recommend him!
Dave Earnheart
Great Attorney.
Helped me a lot with my case and walked me through the entire process. And his aid Bianca was also great. Definitely would go back to Chris for any future legal services.
Alan Parijanlar
A competent, reasonable and reliable Attorney.
Resolved a real estate matter quickly and effectively. Also representing me on an employment discrimination case. I would highly recommend Chris.
David Glinn
Love this team!
They've handled my case and all my other issues with law for the past couple months. I've never had to deal with the courts. Chris has explained everything clearly helping file forms immediately and Kurt appearing with me at my side in front of the judge, both these lawyers are full capable in being articulate to the point. Not wasting time in the court room to get to the details needed to defend a case. Always respectful and quick to reply. Chris, Kurt, Angie, and Armen. I couldnt say thank you enough for the amazing impact they've all made in my life and my daughters. Trust them to your needs.
Andrea H.
I had an outstanding experience with Mr. Chris Reyes!
He is truly an amazing and knowledgeable person. I was recommended by a very good friend of mine. She told me great things about him & they were all true. He is helping us solve our legal matters & is giving my mom & I peace of mind. We can finally sleep at night. He was very compassionate and took his time to read through all of the paperwork we had and quickly found a resolution. His assistant is very sweet & helpful as well. I am soooo happy to have found him. He is amazing & deserves 100 stars & more great reviews. We highly recommend!!!
Janice D.
Chris delivers what he promises!
This was my first time needing assistance with family law and Chris was very patient in explaining the entire process and what to expect. Chris was readily available via text which made my busy life so much easier. I was able to contact him directly and receive a fast response! Even though Chris was busy with many cases, he always made me feel that my case was important and devoted his time and energy to ensure I clearly understood my case since he went over everything in detail!
Kimberly H.
A moral and trustworthy person
He understood better than I did at the time how important it was to be congenial and keep lines of communication open to resolve issues. Chris really understands the old motto: agree for the law is costly Chris figured out that I had a complicated case with a relatively small claim that would have barely made it into Superior Court and after legal cost would have been better presented in small claims court. To save me money and make the case worthwhile Chris actually gave me some very good selfless advice to take my case to small claims even though he could have made a lot of money for himself by taking it to Superior Court. I just got out of court and I won thank you Chris excellent job on prepping me.  
Michael F.
I was referred to the law office of Chris Reyes through a friend
My Landlord had been harassing us for over a year and trying to have me and my family out on the streets without any valid reasons. My Landlord kept increasing my rent to over 12% "illegal" when there's rent control and was violating other rental codes. I didn't know how wrongful my landlord was doing us until i came to Christopher Reyes. Not only did he explain everything to me and my husband step by step but was also available any time to answer our questions and concerns. Christopher made sure i was fully covered in court. I was surprised to see not one but two attourneys representing us in court. Thanks to Attourney Christopher Reyes all the harassments stopped right away and no more illegal rent increase. I even got a heater placed and all the necessary repairs done as he demanded in court. My family and i are very grateful and happy with his services.
Luz F.
What a great experience I had with Chris Reyes.
He responded to my concerns right away with a false restraining order I was facing. He set my mind at ease from the very start. I really appreciate his unique approach to issues. He seems to cut through the red tape and unlike some attorneys he has a more laid back approach to things. Very easy to understand and follow. Even better he doesn't nickel and dime you like most. Found his charges more than reasonable. he won my case today and restored my reputation. I highly recommend this law firm!
Robert Y.
Thank you Chris.
I want to start by saying thank you Christopher for helping with my case. Christopher not only is professional but also has so much knowledge regarding family law. I first hired him when the douche bag of the father of my daughter tried to run away from his responsibilities. Christopher helped with the whole process. He was able to establish paternity and was able to demand guideline support through the court system. Thank you Child support Services for NOTHING really. Christopher is fair on both sides. He actually tried to be nice to the douche bag and tried to help the other party come to reasoning but because of the immaturity and stubbornness of the other parent Christopher had to get aggressive and fight the case in order to get what was fair. Christopher is always available to talk regarding any concerns about your case. Christopher takes his cases very personally and even sent my daughter an iTunes gift card for Christmas. He is truly very fair and is always willing to help. Not to mention he has the greatest sense of humor. He is very respectful and is always there to make things fair. Thank you Christopher Reyes.
Maggie R.


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