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Trust & Wills

When considering the subject of revocable living trusts, it is important to understand which will take precedence in the event that property is left both in a Last Will and Testament and a revocable living trust.


Navigating through the divorce process in California can be intimidating and difficult to understand when trying to interpret court procedures, rules, forms, and going to court.

Child Support

It’s well established that both parents’ have an obligation to support their minor children “in the manner suitable to the child’s circumstances.

Commercial/Residential Evictions

The eviction process in California can be confusing. There are many detailed rules and procedures that are part of the eviction process that must be followed to the letter.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly know as a liquidating brankruptcy, personal bankruptcy or just plain “bankruptcy”. An asset (property) is anything you own or may have a right to own at some future date (for example, if you are in someone’s will).

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that can protect you from being physically abuses, threatened, stalked or harassed. In many cases, there are no court fees to get a restraining order.

Paternity Proceedings

Establish paternity is the process to determine who the father of the child may be. Establishing paternity is usually required before a child support order can be imposed.


The Probate process can be challenging if a person is not familiar with the procedural requirements. Probate is the legal process that is followed to prove the validity of a Will, in essence to ensure no fraud in the construction of the document.