ABA LAW GROUP is a full service law firm providing quality legal services to the public at a fair and honest price. We work closely with our clients to keep them informed as to the progression of their cases. The Attorneys at ABA LAW GROUP have close to 30 years of combined legal experience handling a variety challenging level cases.

Our attorneys at ABA LAW GROUP work well into the evening, weekends and holidays to both meet the needs of our working client’s that work normal business hours and to complete case work without delay.
In an effort to connect more effectively with our clients, our attorneys are available to meet or speak with our client’s by phone either late into the evening, weekends and holidays.

Our attorneys have quality experience in both prosecuting and defending a variety of legally related disputes.
In an effort to ensure our success, we first collaborate with our clients to clarify the issue, then establish clear objectives. Once the case objectives established, a strategic approach to reach those clear objectives are then put into place.
Proper planning and understanding of case details by listening to the clients and working with the opposing party only ensures that our clients can reach their best results.

In essence, our attorneys put a game plan into place first with objectives based on the facts of the case so the case proceeds forward with efficiency and without the waste of legal fees by providing unnecessary legal services.
Contact one of our attorneys to discuss your case with you to determine where you stand and how the facts of the case will impact you.
It’s also very important to consider that there may be deadlines that need to be followed to avoid issues with your case.


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