The eviction process in California can be confusing. There are many detailed rules and procedures that are part of the eviction process that must be followed to the letter. Usually, if there is a deviation from these established procedures, this can result in unfavorable result to your case.

To evict a tenant from a residential or commercial apartment or space, a landlord will initiate an eviction proceeding by filing an Unlawful Detainer action for the recovery of possession of leased/rented premises. Our Attorneys here at ABA LAW GROUP represent clients for Unlawful Detainer Actions for both commercial and residential leases.

Eviction Trials

This is the final phase for an eviction proceeding. As long as the landlord has complied with the detailed procedures, the trial should go well. To comply with the details of this proceeding, attention must be focused from the beginning when the 3/30/60 day notice was served on the tenant. During trial, evidence needs to be properly introduced and argued. Our Attorneys here at ABA LAW GROUP experienced to handle the demand that may be imposed during trial. Contact one of our Attorneys to set up a free consultation to discuss the details of you case.

Residential Evictions

Our Attorneys represents both landlords and tenants for residential evictions. For uncontested evictions, without a trial, our office can work discuss a flat rate plus any court costs. For a contested eviction, the price can be negotiated to include trial. Properties subject to the City of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (LARSO) must be in strict compliance and understand the requirements imposed upon landlords to stay in compliance with the city ordinance.

Commercial Evictions

Our Attorneys will represent both landlords and tenants for commercial eviction actions. We have proceeded with evictions on behalf of landlords seeking possession of their commercial property. In addition, we have also defended business owners fighting an Unlawful Detainer action filed against them.

Eviction Services

Please keep in mind that many so-called “eviction services” offer very low rates to initiate your eviction action, however, the introductory rates charged by many of these services are for evictions that proceed uncontested by the tenant. Uncontested evictions are the exception and not the norm. Once your eviction is contested and you need to have a trial to win possession, these eviction services cannot represent you without an attorney and your legal fees and costs go way beyond what you may have been quoted initially.

If you are a property owner and you have a tenant who has failed to pay rent, you will need to move quickly to regain possession. There are strict guidelines that must be followed and failing to adhere to these guidelines may delay your ability to regain possession.

Our Attorneys here at ABA LAW GROUP offer competitive rates for both uncontested and contested unlawful detainers, from proper notice to filing the unlawful detainer action, obtaining judgment for possession, submitting Sheriff’s instructions for eviction, and up until you regain possession of your commercial or residential premises. Our Attorneys will work with you from start to finish.